Saengil Chukkahamnida Im Yoona

30 Mei

Happy 22nd Birthday to Im Yoona.Sβ™₯NE Love You πŸ™‚

[Audio] SNSD Mr.Taxi HQ Official Longer Version

13 Apr

Girls’ Generation to Comeback in Korea This September

13 Apr

9-member girl group Girls’ Generation is returning to Korea’s music industry in the latter half of the year.

Multiple sources in the music industry said on the 13th that they will return to Korea as early as September with a new record and a new song. They are already recording their new Korean album.

They released their ‘Hoot’ mini-album last October in Korea. The probability that they will return to Korea’s music industry a year later has greatly increased.

Since Girls’ Generation creates a syndrome with every album, this news is seen to be enough to make Korean fans anxious.

Regarding this matter, Girls’ Generation’s agency, SM Entertainment, cautiously said, “There is a high chance that Girls’ Generation will make a comeback into the Korean music industry during the latter half of this year. Whether that will happen in September has not been decided yet.”

Meanwhile, they plan to focus on Japanese promotions during the 5-7 months before their Korean comeback. On the 27th of this month, they will release their 4th single and they plan to hold a large-scale concert in Japan in May.

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Yoona and Sunny Running Man Preview

11 Apr

SNSD Run Devil Run (Japan Vers) PV + [Audio] Mr.Taxi

11 Apr

Run Devil Run (Japan Vers) PV

[Audio] Mr.Taxi

[Photo] SM Family

27 Mar

[VIDEO] TVXQ – Making of β€œKeep Your Head Down” on Arirang

22 Jan